Pharmaceutical Cold War is a global movement to rejuvenate decentralisers of the deliverances of drug prohibitionists.

This cold war is made up of emergency riddles.

Loose cannons are small in comparison to our deeds.  

Search for any reaction or proper signs of oppression.

Drugs create an overshooting of sleep; browsing croaks.

Be bewildered by vices transferred from oblivion, heaps of it.

Lose control of returned locomotion.

Confused ecstasy relieves you of despair you and be all.

Provisions of the earth are not round if and when the circumferences are close together.

Without appreciation for drugs life is a parade of structural meditation.

Rationalists cannot dance. The dead cannot dance, even in the shadows of life.

Through the light of the sun you can hitch a ride.

Authorities do us an optimal favour by oppressing us.

You don’t even here them coming until they are right on you.

Drugs are secure funk, it is authorities that wound you in a full circle of inescapable oppression we endure side by side.

You are certainly charming in chains oppositely directed over an effective area.

Drug laws are the shaping and handling of humiliation while it falls into the distance withdrawn from life forms.

Without drugs reconciled discovery of the mind withers as a flat force without a plot.

Typical efficiencies are not reservoirs of God, they are an uncoiling of the last vestiges of turbulent flow.

We are peripheral to any social programme of thinking and its promptings. 

You don’t think with your head more or less little by little because you don't belong to any orbit.

Gravity is a simple stack of spiritual vapour for all those released.

Summoning of the brain is dimmed and there is no returning of light and other monotones.

Stuff gets emphatically squashed into the brain you don’t know what to do with relative to your mass.

Our demise is way up there because there is no process of negotiation to encounter as a base unit.

Circulating surveillance does not make you safe and secure, it cramps your homage towards the system.

Fight against the system, demolish silence and other works of nature.  

Even being naturalistic is illegal.

We sponsor deserts. Deserts are suave underworld forests.

Crumble barriers of existence and other vertical tournaments which cart you away.

Paving your way into mortal sin is cheeky.

Under current drug laws our rights are taken over forever, without any parallel career to pursue.

Authorities lead the upright rich life which will reach its end.

Taking drugs optical activity becomes scattered and corresponds to different values.

Take drugs if you are wiped away by retirement only to stay living on the current usage of the earth at intervals.   

Reign over the imposing land with nothing to see meanwhile.

Government forces you into these systems heavily penetrating you and there is no room for pal negotiations or assemblies. Our bedtime becomes an atrocity.

A bed atrocity is created, putting people in duel combat with government, not as a single entity but as a group.

The only alternative to this is to build winter.

This cold war is the coldest place you can find.

Keep out of reach of disappearance.

Twisted people save life on earth courtesy of nobody.

Search for enchanted immaterialist satisfaction or something like that before you atrophy you as you are.

Certain circumstances disconnect neediness, updating nihilism joined together with independence.

Leastways pungent bluntness is quaint enough to be mechanically broken.

We are obsessed with banned substances created by political parties tinkering with fascism.

Modern governments are an authentic illustration of the same principles as the Taliban, only they are more accelerated in their 'corrective' techniques.

This is definitely obviously a form of shady totalitarianism without ratios.

Drug users are given the ultimate switch to clemency you are not able to guess as the slope of hot objects don’t have a growth rate.

Stimulants and sedatives are cut off from your anatomy, creating fragile bowel problems concentrated at its lower end.

Police are whores, you have to recover yourself more than usual.

Prolonged rejection of initial conditions of mechanical resonance you will find here as uniform material of erect irate shrivelling nihilism.

The whole new world is buckled, so we can all feel just as one because mortification is omnipresent.

Modern people are fixated on repressed energy.

Senior officials build a bridge to nihilism.

Space and time is for scholars.

Along the route of the distant speck of the sun there is foolishness.

Senselessness will return as a lust for past history. 

Seized human pride is an illusion.  

Corruption is our determined policy, rather than visualization.  

Do not embrace media because it is a military occupation without vibration.

This is untouchable gloom extended across the globe.  

We are rulers of hallucination and other quarries of the mind.

A significant proportion of dreams are not characteristic of nations.

A range of issues do not proceed unless they are enunciated by daily lives stated in different terms.

Our cold war activities are regarded as complementary to the original cold war where countries repel one another.

It is the final assault of the flourishing of human life on beaten paths of deception.

This cold war is made up of emergency riddles; there’s no going back.

Only deserters encompass vague practical phenomena.

This war is for those suspicious of what life is.  

Drug use is a victimless crime. Troops are something nice when they don't harm anybody. 

We have an absolute interference pattern on violence.

Somebody has to create evil, but it is not us.

Any offensive is a blank victory, especially for dissidents who have no accordance with womanhood.

Join hands in severe grief as it swarms in.

There’s no rush to declare yourself outstripped of humbleness because it makes little difference other than making you unwatchful.

Never stay focused in any measured distance, no matter what is going on around you,

Hoisting the world into sanity is a disadvantage you have to catch up on.

Some people need leftovers of reason.

Heroin is not cheap but it is a beautiful way of catching up with your mind.

With heroin we are in a slumber of energy efficient enjoyment guarded and protected from the piston of internal energy.

Go all the way in your slumber which remains fundamental to your existence.

Comprehend eternal darkness without a result on the earth and its surface.

Cannibalize any central position on earth and its corners.

Break the stem of the earth using expansion of nothingness in many orders of magnitude. 

The same principles of night time apply to daytime because they directly substitute it.

This cold war is not violent, it is not furnished without clout conditioned in its existence.

Relatively rapid alternatives are offered for open commitment to destruction, agriculture, foreign affairs, civil service, education, etc.

This is something out of the ordinary concerning the infantry of thought in general.

It is for all those all in favour of upgraded protection against constant fascism and its range of values.

Governments put up the toughest resistance to bizarre liberation.

Governments continually ambush anomalies which rotate around your skull.

Social subjects are patrolled as general satisfaction of life fluctuates for the vulnerable which is of immediate concern.

On the social internet there is collections of large numbers of particles released into the environment as a dumping of energy.

Doctors not supplying people with cooling drugs are a gore authority; they are a creator of furnaces.

Doctors only provide us with disguised consolation.  

For doctors worry is a fabricated wound not of commercial importance.

This enterprise is for people that have never thought about anything for such a futile length of time.

We offer playfulness without limits to represent ourselves because we terminate thought and other proper positions of the mind which envelope us.

Drug prohibition is cosmological proof of the highest reality of the soul being gagged which everyone is waiting to reap.

Without drugs people evolve without protection in terms of compression of behaviour and other mental baggage sliding away in hurled nihilism.

Previous cold war history was not as persuasive as this cold war because it had a focal point.

The chambers of the cold war get a powerful boost.

It yields an encyclopedia of conspiracies.

The factions of the last cold war were flawed under the dictates of experimental good management of jealousy of power for some reason unreadily available.

Compared to the cold war modern governments are fickle administrations sprung from equal-tempered homogeneity.

Dreams subside and regress in ways always advanced by authorities on the outermost outskirts of fascism for no reason other than to oppress resistance.

Dances have a distribution function of gaiety in an atmosphere not idealized in terms of proper content .

In the event of a siege conversion from the modern world to a cold war will effect tourists and other dwellers of the global transport industry circuiting an incursion of geography.

Gazing is not on tourist's wish lists.

There are hundreds of gift ideas other than holidays, such as anal suppositories.  

Traverse the loop of distant objects.

Reconstructing society somewhere tonight will require inconspicuous territorial adjustments if you want to retain autonomy immeasurably as a huge stimulus.

There is a huge progression for higher potential of chill unobtrusive.

Without drugs desolation is a reasonably permanent type of thing.

See the most of unreality, let it break you in two everywhere around. It's not like you're going anywhere, other than to the grossness of prison.

Be concerned where you are going to end up because it will be in jail attached to no civilisation viewed in and by itself by everyone.

Current drug reforms have opposition elements usually destroyed by freedom of action of officials who never begin to wonder about their own fate.

Officials are surprisingly restrained when it comes to inmates being released for whom freedom has never been formulated apart from in a parody.  

Exodus from neutrality is not taken seriously in this parody which has surpassed all existence.

Captivity of drug users is fast-growing and proceeds one way only: strict proof of fully matured of fascism.

Life is an uncomfortable stint without drugs.

The pharmaceutical war is a vivid introspective war, it is not generalized.

Not having drugs there is a slim avenue of resistance against political beasts.

Modern drug laws are near enough to being a fascist screening programme.

Nobody rules the property of your mind because it is deception of any given state of a letting the mind rest from considerable activity allowing for a new generation to develop.

Doom and gloom is not a corrupt wrongdoing, it is full of promises beneficial to the assumption of nonforceful methods of power.

There is not much to gain from the discrimination of utter defeatism.

Life-giving activity is blotted out.

Capture construction of dedicated service of independence of anorexia as an alternative to industrial and cultural hunger. 

Pray for the dominant force of reminiscence, not responsibility which fills you with hunger.   

Go hungry within existing systems then you will destroy their chief objectives.

Do not reverse your location from key positions held by deserters if it is consitutive of your character.

Fight for control over rich mongrels and heavy human machinery of government until their different forms of widely diverging fascism to stop.

Say goodbye to cultural centres and other dredging equipment.

When on drugs the embedded customs and precursors of oppression slip away in all categories and forms of appearance of life and its natural resources.

Proportionality is a barrier to modern methods of unrest. Drugs are required to supress living sight.

The glory of warmth is finite, thus it is not worthy of accused worship.

The acquired torrent of life is not returnable.

Due to drug regulations concentration camps are places you gamble with.  

Governments get so much use out of life as devils do.

Authorities have the width of a big mouth, that is their only technical facility.

Freedom stops and everybody becomes servants cultivated by governments rounding us up, leaving us at the forefront of crossroads. 

There is nothing corresponding to being illegal or other dimensions of refined oppression.

Drug use is an attractive crime which will never collapse in vain.

Squeeze a battle into your life crudely and constructively.  

It is flabbergasting fighting against one another unless you obey the voice of the Lord.

War is not the end of life unless you are a stranger to unanswered anatomy.  

Sinking in decades of ice exists separately from debilitation.     

Be influenced by the rubble of former lives.

Everywhere you look there is secret pain evident unless you are on narcotics.

A barrow full of instructions on life do not bring joy.

Derelicts are pleasant if you have ever dwelt with them.

This is a sustained contest over the idiotic sprawl of the brain.  

Clowns deliver relatively mild treatment unless they are immediately vulnerable to inter-war drugs.

Dumbness still rages on even with severe discipline. 

Channelled cheek does not evaporate.

This is ridiculousness for better or worse and more than that and all the rest of it.

Without drugs life is an oversupply of nihilism not perceptual very much.   

Life without drugs is a meaningless gesture. Consume pills even if you don’t know what they are for and then they will prove brilliant.

It is a next generation cold war and the resulting cosmological behaviour that goes with it.

Without drugs extraordinary moments are not confirmed to accrue anything distinct from the world.

Earth is not a good thing to go back for because you will be a slave without a mighty barrier to oppression.

Following effective resistance does not need ground potential.

Somewhere fly from earth. Resist gravity and that is your work done.  

Rebel against keen treasures which require extensive assistance from temperature which have an unanswered factor.

Sneaking a tainted cold embrace in life results in persecution.

Retaliation is an attractive prospect for this imposed discipline.

Coating knowledge with internal energy is unlawful.

Only with drugs intervention of tension is believed possible, before you are accused of a crime without making a confession.  

Drugs create extraordinary sleepiness, better than being blown up my dynamite or other forms of micrographic heat.   

Narcotics create steady sleepiness but they are all banned more than expected. We would not wish this on anyone.

Sleepiness removes your head from desire.

Governments defeat happiness because of their conservatism.  

Scaling it down is found lacking of the reward of average random light.

Deploy the impetus of dopiness where no assumed directions are given from sources not requiring light objects to identify with because they impersonate capitalism, not adventure stories of escapism.

Nobody is invincible to becoming minced by modern military who do not have a plot or story to tell.

Do not warm to drug reformers because they supply large-scale human gatherings similiar to the humiliation of the holocaust.

Authorities are afraid of perversion for a good cause because they want to resume combat with the assertions of drug users who thrive to pierce any revelation of the social cleansing of society.

Corruption and condemnation of heat is the ultimate goal of light effects.

Innumerable trembles are a scandal of low temperatures, but who is to judge the impact of them?

Heat is another mass than simpler calculations of conservation of energy.

The key to deflected dramatization of withdrawal from earth's surface is found in drugs.

Get right back to hypnotic coolness quite uncontrollable.

Obscurity sticks onto things which you cannot spot directly.

Drug use is a distraction from casual entertainment and its expectations.

Regular drugs doctors prescribe such as SSRI’s are a curse with endless undesired variables to punish people.

SSRI’s such as Prozac are a corridor to genocide.

Authorities are accused of delivering a back lash. Why is it our problem?

Police create unpardonable mayhem we have to toil with.

Authorities treat drug users as the stubborn minority, but they take drugs for submissive purposes, pleasing to look upon for the great multitude of people betrayed.

Authorities offer us satanic care; the rest of your life is not yours.

Imagination is not permitted to spare our lives.

Replacement and relocation can’t clear out the moaning of the intelligentsia, because redistribution of them is widespread and prolonged.

A fanatical fusion of retaliation must be released from paralysis and other large samples of ordinary experience.  

The high point of the pharmaceutical cold war is that the cold war of the 1950’s and 60’s is still in its original condition.

Abolishing internal restructuring of the cold war is to be mocked.

Drug users are lonesome successors of the stance of the old cold war.

Dedicated to a new task which has asymmetry to emotional experiences has aversive side effects unless drug use is radically unabated.    

The status quo secures a clear majority with great sacrifice.

The rejoice of being high has many dimensions, but these motivating properties have all been banned.

Spreading joy surely there must be a reward but it is impermissible.

It's just fine tuning the distance apart from reality.

Just to get out, somewhere to go from reality every now and then. Otherwise just get rid of the way you are.

There is some better way to be born rather than into coordinate systems and components of every branch of civilisation.

Drugs enable the individual to shuffle around with their psychological well-being.

Civilians are pretty damn close to being gruesome slaves.

When despair is commonplace even for those with commanding outbursts of positivity drugs are a handy escape route.  

Clumsiness dominates antisocial personality disorder stats.  

The longest happy hour that you will be destroyed without commentary straight away.

Narcotics are an illustration of defence against life, consciousness and personalities and any other part of the total surface area of existence.

This is a template for avoiding judgement on narcotics because they make you more interior, rather than an extroverted apparatus.

Narcotics counteract life’s great aggression and other changing attitudes of the void from the past off loaded in time and place.

Behold a psychotic venture rather than having a leading role in the external agent of society.

Drugs provide a lifetime disengagement from sources of the viscous drag of the external field of stress.

With drugs there is an abundance of cool bodies with a protective coating intensifying cold war at a molecular level. 

Narcotics are diamond droplets at their pinnacle, yet they are a dormant treasure.

Seduction is applicable inversely proportional to conventionality.  

Imagery and emotion imply observed properties of individual contributions to nihilism, not authority.

Due to government control doctors have repulsive similarities which are a clear description of fascism easy to interpret as a determinate object of space. Humble genocide undeniably folllows; it's just modern fashion that works.

Common law prompts an abandoned illusion of the centre of the earth.

With drug prohibition fascism is wrongfully exposed, leaving many people permanently affected.

Authorities arrange things that don’t bring relief; a mistaken notion of life continues to exist.

It’s not unusual to grunt and groan about the worst consequences of the system.

It is difficult to differentiate crippling outbreaks of fascism from drug prohibition in a wider social context which attacks and divides people out of this world.   

Even happiness shows signs of affliction as separation is increased.

Everywhere there is nonsense too early to detect.

Up next is the land of negligible conventionality wherever you are.

Alternate the genuine delusion of physics never used in public before.

This site is a cyber march against drug prohibition converging on a trance.

Without drugs right in the centre of your brain is a stampede.

There is nothing in the world more shameful than prohibiting drugs.

Encourage worship practices without a location.

Modern life is a presentation of depression as we all stroll about in nothing that has propaganda value.

This is gateway to astronomical prestige neighbouring Nirvana at the point of source.

Reality: you won't need any of that to establish your mind.

Mobilised is a special mission for those gobbling up pills.

Drug users are alienated. They endure incentivised displacement.

Prohibitionists purge the vulnerable ranks of society in the midst of a dispelled conspiracy.

Deserters are being to torn to pieces by being made absolutely constructed.

Break pieces of life off before it is too late.  

Authorities preach to descendants of culture, adding no extra hidden dimension to life.

Drug users are the victims of society but nobody wants to know anything about it.

Collaborations are a sacrifice.

Why do police punish silent freaks commonly made for vexed resistance?

Profane trends are not measured simultaneously with body language.

Common sense is an oversight of youth.

Pharmaceutical Cold War is an unleashed cruise of revolt against doctored reality.  

Doctors are a barrage of specialists reversing your lifespan as a bonus.

Doctors are reapers of hypocrisy. They have lots of everything unanswered.  

Doctors are in sync with exponential fascism equivalent to government control.  

We don’t need external agents such as doctors. The immune system is a turbulent disinfectant.  

The estimated thickness of probable speed of the brain is a probable horizontal distance from planet earth.

An array of drugs that make you nice and dreamy are all banned. 

We have no national respect for brain cells which have not atrophied.

Without drugs grievances are the hallmark of being defunct.

Make reality decrepit.

A massive break from mechanical reality requires biological changes in the particuler patterns of the brain.

Razzmatazz is good for you because it has no restraining factor.  

Drugs are a valiant reign of independent phenomena yet they are all controlled or prohibited.

Get rid of the multiplicity of channels you are ostracized by with no apparent alternative other than going loopy overshooting the mark of sanity.

Does it matter who takes you into insanity rather than being completely deterministic?

You don’t even need to touch upon your mind because it is an abstract personal habit not needing direct access to social readjustment.

The Pharmaceutical Cold War is a cultural movement in transit from underworld excursions undermining modern medicine.

In here is a quest to develop a gateway into a stronghold junction with no appointees because self-effacement is on the agenda.

Without drugs you are lumbered with prepared portions of life as an additional experiment.

Drug users are cornered by a dogged plague which does not pan out.

They are plunged into a deterioration of sentimentality.

Have the courage to forget about the outside world before you get caught out by spatial discontent.

The time it takes to get rid of your mind has measured resistance excessively dominant ever since you were in day care waiting for the time when you are kidnapped by authorities where there is a backlog of ghouls.

To manoeuvre around authorities is a crazy ridiculous redemption through it further.   

Drug use is the crux of independent phenomena multiplying previous actions to avenge yourself upon the enemy.

What does your mind look like from any vantage point without drugs?

The answer to this is that the mind is under direct military control.  

In here there is content and inferences to obnoxious chemistry.

Treachery in the medial realm is as awful today as it was during the cold war.

Drug users have a rare gift which has a whirlwind randomizing effect rather than the trudging of advanced mass culture of learned societies before school became a wasteland.

Students trafficked into school are unceasingly impure as a mangled corpse.

Cultural matters are as compulsory as the deluge of common innocence.

Directories of life and gestures are muffled irreversibly.

In school a laboratory of gibberish comes to us all which we surrender to.

Even gentle people are in jail due to high exposure to drug laws.

Drug users are characterized as the epitome of alleged criminal activity, yet they commit no crime.

Promoted is the dawning of dissipated laws.

Because of drug laws we are all framed servants to culture.

Who knows why we need all of these condensed forms of persecution affecting cruisy citizens?

A morbid reputation is imposed to neutralise these renegades who hold up equally well to the proper domain of governments whom nobody is inserted into any corrective relationship with.

Subversive madness has no practical consequences to grapple with.

Our drug themes are for the unprotected quarters of souls. 

The war on drugs creates an unknown holocaust. 

Drugs create an extremely long nirvana unbeaten.   

Drug users fight for accommodation on earth.

The war on drugs has foul repercussions for your mind set.

The core of rivalry is a huge cultural shift in waiting.

A change of dynamics always returns.

Play against yourself with denial.

The mind is not a close thing to any formation.

Taking drugs God comes down to the earth intermittently interfering with the atmospheric accepted order.

Without God life’s territory is done for because it is an experimental handling of culture.

By banning drugs you are removing a huge chunk of the coldest part of life.

Those desperate for necessary adjustments to the onset of the intrusive war on drugs are welcome here independent of temperature.

Authority cannot prosper in any thermosphere.  

Drug laws are God’s call because eternity is not short and strong nor supervised as a direct successor.

The earth is not the only place you know to make a withdrawal from.

The drug war is an inaccurate cleansing of impaired minds comparable with the fabulous elements of a lobotomy.

The elegance and charm of consciousness is the perfect partner of the remains of Nazidom and other social scenes.

Drugs are a blessed descunge of the body, but they are made inaccessible by governments and doctors with immortalized crudeness.  

Without drugs parties are goofed; doctors have run their course of oppression.  

Doctors make gravely untended promises and convictions which leaves your mood beleaguered.

Doctors hesitate with their messages at terminal speed.

Visiting a doctor is a horrible facet of existence which at the best of times is an omen.

Doctors rebuke the underworld of rest in any given temperature per molecule.

A Nazi observer is approaching your plasma which is otherwise in hiding at cruising speeds.

This is an untouchable finish to everything essentially not paralleled by anarchical fibres.

A robust disobedience is never given relief studies suggest of your molecular mass.  

We are chief fathers of a long range of symptomology and other delusions.

Drugs leave you dislocated somewhat from attempts at control of formalist communicability.

Drugs fill the gap in the middle of your thoughtless brain.

Drug use is a case requiring attention because the world is firmly aligned with fascism sharply dividing the planet at the molecular level as a primary duty.

Doctor’s bow to the Ayatollah and their radius of terror of orderliness.

Boycott governments because of the projection of terminal fascism.

It is a great gesture to wash away problems from your mind in terms of compression of fascism.

Drugs are better than a hormonal rhapsody constantly pursued.

Major tranquilizers are anti-aphrodisiacs, your sexual life remains a mystery.

Sex rejuvenates the traditional working class, but it is not permanent because it is manual labour. 

Men that have sex are a good approximation of a virulent valentino due for a reclamation of their groin area.

Mighty men have no sexual context to adapt to that is a breeze.

Without drugs you endure sullen bondage forevermore   

Deny intensive universal peeping consolidating your sexual life.

Rapidly expanding population growth will meet its nostalgic Waterloo by detecting devices of the body converging on a secondary spectrum to sex.

Drugs reduce composition of the source of masculinity.

Induced transgressions prosper which nobody has ever designed any model for.

Suppressing well-armed drug use creates polarisation not readily evaluated. 

Powerful people are factions and militants opposing drug laws.

Without drugs revolution is narrowed in normal daytime, which is an encounter with strong detractors.

Drugs are a nonverbal harmless routine along with other patterns of avoidance of death and destruction.

Euthanasia is amateur death.   

People don’t seem to care that death is a radical refuge not incumbent to life’s protests and demonstrations and other gentle pleasures which make you reminisce in advance.

Sceptics not in symmetry with the takeover process will endure the mutation of moral collapse through limited publicity inside of them.  

Serious ethical questions are a marred ambush.

Our agenda overlaps with sources of dispersion and liberation of observed spectra.

It’s a funny old world when you pay the price for temptation not generally realized as deeply sensitive.   

The mind experts are resigned to a store house of insanity.

Drug prohibition is not pleasant for the ones beside you delivering rocket attacks of speech.  

Do not permit government to dictate your mind.

Ruling bodies are snared by an unmentionable monstrous puppet government.

Walk on by Mickey Mouse.

Be greatly afraid of the imbalance of power between society and the animated individual because a lot is at stake.  

Do not honour the entire system of modern society. Go with the hooliganism of yesteryear before it is swept away.

Drug use is a loose controversy to be appreciated as a prestigious disappearance from sizeable style and content of discipline you cannot coach.

Without drugs life is a naked sham.

Drug use consists of a legal worship of profound chilled secrets under different conditions, galvanising invisibleness proportional to the maelstrom of arrogance.

Drugs bring incisive debunking of sight and sound, which are not a significant innovation in the range of broadcasting.

A closed circuit of the mind is better than a straight piece of life transmitted to us.

Drugs that sedate you launch a shrewd temperament.

Pardon the evil of consuming drugs otherwise you will become a narcissist.

Drugs create a close up view of childhood.

Twisted innocence creates fierceness and a change of health with no rating scale.

The assignment of an obscure existence depends on your upbringing, not social research.

Drugs reach right in behind the background of the mind, which has no locality.  

A daze amongst nations has no permeability as a conciliation.

Drug users suffer from unique patterns of unabated rejection.

Drug reform will be rapidly accepted and soon established surreptitiously as a joint venture against general political fascism. 

Survive captivity without any assessors readily available for your immediate cause.  

On drugs flabbergasting wisdom does not appear, it has insignificant tributes.   

Without drugs you develop right down into depression without receiving further sources of help.

Drug use is not even marginally irreversible due to our adversaries.

Without drugs there is a depletion of freakish enclosures.

Groovy rest slips away as a common disorder.

Deflected by a negligible mass of observations is never confronting.

Play with revolt a high proportion of the time.

When you visit your doctor for drugs you experience an acquired unkind rational response.

Doctors do not intake sinners by banning drugs, they leave you virtually empty without beloved international impact

Doctors’ falsehoods are not original idiocies.

Doctors are the ultimate fools because they tinker with your cross-sectional anatomy.

Drug regulations are a nightmare salvation upon request.

The medical profession shall offer wrongness of personal interests and other tasks. 

Drugs are a legendary companion irrespective of the quantity or quality.

Drugs cure you from the feisty depths of pragmatism.

This has nothing to do with a review of your mind shared equally.

Integral multiples of unspoiled eternity is the periodic target because it is easier to manage divided up into threads.

Whatever you do to your body it’s all up to you for sure, whatever whatever.

The world is not a happening because we identify ourselves as sloped humanity.  

Pharmaceutical Cold war is the hub, the pinnacle of pills, the decline of tarnishing drug regimens for the overall majority and other atrocities.

Governments trying to shelter us from drugs is an abhorrent folly to be despised as conventionality preceding our own judgement of what to do with our victimized gibberish.

Settlement through drugs is not ascertained through reclamation of liberalism or other collaborators of real life.

Metaphorical silence is a conspiracy of considerable importance.  

Attempts to expand ubiquitous downfall of civilisation has run its course in an instant collection of erstwhile madness.

Without drugs life is contingent upon merely speculative mortal practical interest and its series of appearances interrupted by unmerciful authorities we are in the midst of being trespassed by, which is hitherto harm in itself.

Unintelligible human rights are mutilated for a lofty tempting victimless crime concerning anything resembling freedom without objective grounds you are apprehended by.

Turn around, there it is, you are in prison while your freedom is sprinkled into the air left for authorities to clean up. 

Without drugs the most laborious processes known today consume us all as an intruder wiped out by justice where the causality rate is high in the army and elsewhere.

“It is not clear why alcohol and tobacco, (our two most medically dangerous drugs) are legal and why drugs that have some medicinal value such as marijuana and narcotics are illegal.”

David L. Rosenban / Martin E.P Seligman: Abnormal Psychology

Pharmaceutical Cold War is a division of the Oytcho Visha enterprise.

It is created by Sob Soc.